Overnight we reported on a Government document revealing knowledge of blueberry industry impacts. Today an industry member launched an extraordinary attack in a community forum on Facebook.

Now? The whole thread has been removed from that same community forum.

UPDATE: A forum admin has been in touch to acknowledge they did take down the post in question. They have a moderation strategy to manage the tone and language of content within that group, and that the discussion apparently fell foul of it. We're not surprised!

As volunteers they are striving to do their bit to cultivate more civil discourse online, and we commend them for that. They've also confirmed it is fine to post content such as our reporting within that forum, as long as discussion is respectful (even and especially in the face of differences of opinion).

Just quietly - considering Paul Shoker's behaviour - we wonder at what point people are kicked out of that group though.

The original post continues:

In an extraordinary development, just as we reported on Paul Shoker's outrageous interjection into a community discussion about a critical government report on the blueberry industry, we've just received word that the whole thread has been removed from the forum.

We don't know whether it's been deleted, hidden or removed by the user or moderators, and are not sure whether pressure has been put on anyone to shutdown the discussion.

Call for help: can you see the thread on the forum in question? We were able to clearly see it this morning as a non-member, and now it has entirely disappeared. Do you know who moderates the forum, and why the thread can no longer be found?

What do you think about discussion on this issue being suppressed? Are you a resident of Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches who is active in this forum? Is this normal forum behaviour?