Scientists are urgently investigating whether pesticides, metals and blue-green algae toxins are behind the 250% increase in Motor Neurone Disease in New South Wales over the last few decades. With a sevenfold increase in cases in rural NSW, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie are also named as hotspots.

A front page story in the Guardian today is reporting alarming news about an increase in Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in regional NSW.

"It's scary": Motor Neurone Disease Spikes Sevenfold In NSW details the terrible impacts of MND on regional communities. It profiles Tania Magoci, an accidental activist who suffers from MND and has experienced both her grandfather and mother succumbing to the disease.

Excerpt from the article

As we continue to research the alarming facts around massively increased chemical and pesticide usage across the Coffs Coast, our fear is growing of a major health crisis in this region over the coming years.

Is it time to demand  a complete moratorium on new agricultural expansion in the region until we can determine how many people are getting sick and dying due to the long-term impacts of chemical-based agriculture?