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A growing resource as we go deep into the issue of agricultural impact on water on the Coffs Coast. What will we find?

Concerning incidents

The following claims are being collected for further investigation and have not been confirmed:

  • A recent Coffs Council report produced by SCU which reports highly alarming results
  • Fish kill incident near Glenreagh w/c 25th February. Water tests implicating a nearby farm.
  • A new crop being put in right next to Sandy Beach Public School, with no information being provided to the community about any protective measures considering the crop will be metres from children.
  • Council undertaking checks of rural water tanks due to pesticide contamination, including rapid replacement of tanks


A collection of documents, videos and images relevant to citizens interested in protecting Coffs water.


Important local groups taking action.

Coffs Harbour Farming Forum


Press Coverage

Coverage relevant to protecting Coffs water.

A collection of negative, neutral and positive content which all reveals valuable information on the industries, issues  and concerns involved.

ABC News


Coffs Coast Advocate

⚠️ The following are all articles relevant to our concern for Coffs water. All except four are accessible via that paper's online search tool. We wonder why those four aren't available...

General information

Information loosely associated to the issues being investigated.

Organic farms

One grower claims organic orchards are possible and of a similar yield, and is mystified why other growers stick to chemically-intensive practices which harm our water and community:

I have an Organically Certified Blueberry orchard and I absolutely agree with you Sally that there needs to be more consultation with the community and less herbicides and pesticides used in the conventional growing of blueberries. My orchard is run on world best practices - there are reed beds to prevent any run-off of anything from the orchard, there are over 100 trees at the bottom of the property to provide wildlife habitat and a food source for native birds and insects. I actively encourage good bugs to counteract bad bugs and buy beneficial insects regularly for that purpose. Anyone who says Blueberries can't be grown organically is talking through their hat - the yield is no different BUT THE TASTE MOST CERTAINLY IS - and they taste like all good, natural food should - they have flavour, nutrients and really are good for you, as Blueberries are often touted! Why do these conventional growers refuse to use best practices? Is it ignorance, laziness or plain bloody stubbornness and stupidity - take your pick! I occasionally get painted with the same brush as these cowboys and it really irks. Without community involvement and goodwill the conventional industry has no social license and cannot and should not continue on it's current path.


During the 80s and 90s Coffs saw a spike in birth deformities due to banana plantation spraying (with the spraying undertaken by light planes.