Recently we wrote about the extreme difficulty in finding four key articles which reported on damning scientific studies related to pollution of Coffs water from the blueberry industry. We've got to the bottom of the issue and now all that remains is just a smaller mystery.

In Censored? Alarming Water Study Articles appear to 'disappear' from Coffs Coast Advocate we wrote about four articles that seemed impossible to find based on exhaustive keyword searches.

We can now report that an odd technical difficulty appears to afflict those four articles.

When residents want to search the Coffs Coast Advocate online, the default is to enter keywords in the search box and click search.

There's an additional option if you want to return lots of results across News Corp's papers, but Coffs readers generally don't want to get results from, say, The Toowoomba Chronicle for obvious reasons.

So for local searches you shouldn't select 'Search Across All Of Our News Sites'.

It turns out that from the almost 100 we researched and linked to on our community research page, only those four have seemingly been mischaracterised as non-local stories, so to find them you surprisingly have to search across all their news sites.

For instance:

Hidden in plain sight - one of the four missing articles, only discoverable by ticking the box.

As we speculated in the original article, it's a technical glitch, but one that unusually affects only those particular articles as far as we can see, so a minor mystery still remains... 🤔

Hopefully it will be remedied so the articles are correctly categorised and more easily discovered, as the water crisis on the Coffs Coast is a matter of significant public interest.